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Mr Arthur StaceI'd like to tell you the story, the one of mr. E ternity
his real name was Arthur Stace
This trophy of God's grace joined the human race,
back at the last century, in the Balmain slums of Sydney.
Home was hell for this young lad, with a desperate mum and a drunkard dad.
the first half of his wretched life was torn by sin and left in strife.
He spent more time in jail than school, for breaking the law and being a fool
and almost followed his family into a Christless E ternity

St Barnabus ChurchAt the age of 45, uttterly lost and barely alive,
he went into St. Barnabas to see, what else he could get for free,
besides a rock cake and a cup of tea.
He found Godís grace and mercy in the love of Christ on Calvary.
convicted he went out in the dark, and walked across to the park,
and under a Morton bay fig tree, he cried "Lord be merciful to me".
He trusted Christ and believed, eternal life he received,
from sin and shame he was set free. and was saved for E ternity

Mr John Ridley M.C.In November '42, God was working in and through, the evangelist John G. Ridley.
He preached so eloquently "the echoes of E ternity",
and wished that all of Sydney, would hear that word E ternity.
With conviction from on high, Arthur Stace began to cry,
as he left and went for a walk, he had with him a piece of chalk,
outside the church in Burton street, and right there by his small feet,
began a life long ministry, the writing of "E ternity"

In July '67, Arthur Stace went to heaven, at the ripe old age of 83.
He entered and saw finally that place he wrote of frequently,
and the Saviour he loved dearly whom he served so faithfully.
The life of little Arthur Stace, reflects the mercy and the grace,
of God who is great in his love, he even left his throne above,
for a cruel death on this earth, to give the repentant second birth,
and for sinners like you and me, he stepped down and crossed E ternity.

E ternity, E ternity, the lifetime of the Almighty.
You've got to meet  E ternity, where will you spend E ternity?

Where will it be where will it be? will heaven or hell be your destiny?

Call on Godís grace and mercy, in the love of Christ on Calvary.

With the love of Christ

Peter Rahme AD 2000.

Text ©Peter Rahme AD 2000. - 40 Cardigan Rd Greenacre NSW 2190 Australia Tel (+61 2) 9742 5716; Fax (+61 2) 9742 5715 Email rahme@starmail.com

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Photos supplied by: Ramon Williams; A scene from the film "Mr Eternity" by Liz Hughes - RoninFilms; Eternity on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, -C. Kirton and W. Cardwell Eternity Production Design;Arthur Stace-Rex Beaver; St Barnabasí Church, - Rev R Forsyth


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