The life of one small man, his parents and childhood years, life of  addiction and crime, war service and starvation in the depression years led him to seek a new way of life. Below are articles about the life of Mr Arthur Stace, what will be your reaction to the complete change in his way of life and the legacy he left, what change will his story bring to your life ?

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The Sydney Morning Herald writes about Arthur Stace -
"From the battlefield to saving souls" 
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New biography on Arthur Stace.!
This book is to be a true and factual account of Arthur's life and ministry. Please contact the author at the email below with any new stories about seeing 'Eternity' on the pavement or elsewhere, and any possible impact it may have had on their life in any way. Any other stories about the life of Mr Eternity may be of interest.
Contact Mrs E. Meyers on email lionel@shoalhaven.net.au or at 142E Woodburn Road, MILTON 2538

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Perter Rahme on You Tube

   Documents and Photographs

                To check Peter Rahme's full resources on Mr Eternity, visit http://www.innerwestbaptist.org.au/mreternity.htm (pdf versions available and files up to 40Mb in size)

-For details on "The man & the story behind amazing grace" visit www.amazinggrace.org.au

The Story of Mr Eternity - Author J.R. Ecob for the Herald of Hope Inc., text and photos
For other resources visitwww.heraldofhope.org.au
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