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John G. Ridley - Australia's beloved evangelist John G. Ridley - Australia's beloved evangelist

Ambassadors for Christ Int. His ministry was not only in Australia, but spread as far as NZ, UK, Canada, U.S.A. India and East Pakistan.  

During latter years Mr. Ridley maintained a quieter ministry, taking preaching appointments as strength was available and keeping up with a heavy load of correspondence. His wife, Dorothy, his faithful helper during their 50 years of married life, ever keeping the home fires burning and exercising her own ministry as an able speaker.

Mr. Ridley was affectionately known as "Australia's beloved evangelist". He preached the gospel fervently and faithfully for over 60 years. His final months were spent in "Waldock", the Baptist home at Carlingford, from where he was taken on 26th September, 1976, to see "the King in His beauty", as he passed into eternity. 

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